The Division 2 Update 12 Now Live On PC PTS, Full Patch Notes Detailed


Ubisoft has opened up Phase 2 of Title Update 12 for The Division 2 on the PC Public Test Server until Wednesday, December 2. The new phase will bring about a number of changes, including buffing some weapons and addressing bugs. Check out the patch notes below.

The PDR assault rifle saw a damage buff to make it a competitive option when stacked against other assault rifles. The Exotics Bighorn and Capacitor have had their magazines increased, while the Exotic Scorpio saw some PvE and PvP debuffs to the duration of its status effects.

Title Update 12 also addresses a host of bugs. This includes general optimizations, fixes for high-difficulty missions at level 30 that weren’t dropping appropriately-leveled gear, adjustments for challenges within The Summit, and other weapon balances for the Scorpio.

In addition to these changes, Season 3 of Warlords of New York, Concealed Agenda, enters its final chapter with the Belfry League. In this last league of the season, players are tasked with taking down Skyler “Belfry” Williams, a former US Army retiree and rogue agent. There are time trials on DCD Headquarters, Federal Emergency Bunker, Potomac Event Center, and Manning National Zoo. Completing any of these challenges will score players rewards throughout the league, including a Belfry arm patch, an Exotic cache, and The Eye backpack trophy. The Belfry League runs until December 8, with all challenges resetting on December 1.

Some rewards you can unlock in The Division 2.

In other The Division 2 news, a Ubisoft dev said the game won’t be ported to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S / Series X, a stance the studio has held since the beginning of the year. However, The Division 2 is playable on next-gen consoles through backwards compatibility.

The Division 2 Title Update 12 Patch NotesDisabled ContentSeason 4New Global EventGlobal Event ShopBalanceOptimization Station:Optimization Material drops for Rogue Agent Encounters: Rogue Agents now drop a random stack of weapon or gear optimization materials.The final rogue will drop a random stack of Tactical Assessment materials and a stack each of gear and weapon optimization materials.Gear:Weapon – PDR (AR)Buffed damage to be more competitive within the Assault Rifle categoryThis applies to all PDR variants (including Test Subject and Capacitor)Exotic – CapacitorIncreased magazine size to 41 (from 30)Adjusted to be 40 stacks of 1.5% Skill Damage (from 50 stacks of 1% Skill Damage)Increased weapon damage per skill tier to be 7.5% (from 5%)Exotic – BighornIncreased magazine size to 40 (from 30)Buffed Talent – Big Game Hunter:When scoped, switches to semi-automatic fire mode, dealing 450% weapon damage with each shot.Headshots grant +2% headshot damage. Stacks up to 50 times. Once at full stacks, 10 stacks decay every 4 seconds until all stacks have been removed. Headshots delay decaying of stacks.This change to how stacks decay should reward players who are able to continue getting headshots by allowing them to maintain their damage bonus because of their accuracy.Exotic – ScorpioAdjusted Talent – Septic Shock:Shooting a target applies stacks of venom, which last for 10s. Increasing stacks adds more severe debuffs to the target.Duration of Status Effects is based on percentage of pellets hit on applying shot.PvE Debuffs:1 – Poison3 – Disorient6 – Shock7 – Target takes 20% damage (from all sources)PvP Debuffs:2 – Bleed4 – Disrupt7 – Ensnare8 – Target takes 20% damage (from all sources)Skills:Repair TrapBuffed radius to be 0.75m (from 0.5)Increased base healing amount by 25%Reduced base cooldown to 40 seconds (from 60)Reduced PvP damage of the Shrapnel Trap.Bug Fixes:Fixed the “Protect the hostages” objective not updating after all enemy NPC’s were eliminated, blocking completion of the objective.Fixed missions on high difficulty at level 30 not dropping gear above 504 gear score.Fixed Empress International targeted loot selection not functioning in The Summit.Fixed open world loot reward quality on heroic difficulty not scaling properly to the difficulty.Fixed players being able to bypass legendary level enemies on Legendary difficulty in The Summit.Fixed The Summit challenges not progressing the first time a player enters the game mode.Fixed The Summit challenge Skill Demolitions not progressing.Fixed The Summit challenge Skill Demolitions not progressing with Shrapnel Trap kills.Fixed The Summit challenge Excessive Force not progressing under certain circumstances.Fixed The Summit challenge Directives Dabbler not completing.Fixed The Summit challenge Exceptional Accuracy not completing.Fixed The Summit challenge Oppressive Suppression not progressing with grenade kills.Fixed The Summit directive Ragers remaining active if the player switches directives in the lobby.Fixed multiple The Summit ascent challenges incorrectly completing despite group members being downed.Fixed an issue causing flamethrower kills not always progressing the “Crowd Control” challenge in The Summit.Fixed an issue causing loot chests to not spawn loot for all players if some group members were more than 2 floors behind.Fixed the Scorpio Exotic debuff UI not refreshing when the player reapplies with subsequent pellets.Fixed the Scorpio Exotic poison effect incorrectly affecting turrets.Fixed the Scorpio Exotic not refreshing the debuff duration if a second player already applied it to the target.Fixed issue where the named Chest and Backpack from Empress International had the wrong core attribute.Fixed the Scorpio Exotic incorrectly applying venom stacks to neutral players or group members in the Dark Zone or Conflict.Fixed the Tend and Befriend buff only staying active for 4 seconds in the Dark Zone when using the Firestarter or Oxidizer chem launcher skill.Fixed the “Symptom Aggravator.”talent activating under certain circumstances without the required gear.Fixed Achilles Pulse showing incorrect results for Cooldown when Skill Haste mods were attached.Fixed the Rigger backpack not being craftable.Fixed the Kendra’s Liberty exotic pistol not being craftable.Fixed missing muzzle flash VFX for the Capacitor Exotic.Fixed placement of the Demolitionist and Technician signature weapons on the Empress International backpacks.Fixed placement of the Capacitor Exotic and PDR weapon on the Empress International backpacks.Fixed placement of various Chem Launcher variants on the Empress International backpacks.Fixed sidearms clipping through the Rigger holster.Fixed occurrences of elbow pads appearing twisted when combined with specific apparel items.Replaced a number of incorrect voiceover lines in the Japanese localization.Fixed a missing voiceover line in the Brazilian Portuguese localization.Improved various localizations in multiple languages.Fixed the respirator mask remaining on the agents face when switching the gear dye multiple times.Fixed the PC Benchmark feature incorrectly skipping to the end screen without providing any information.

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