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It’s been a year since the Realme X50 Pro was unveiled. Launched in February of 2020, it was the brand’s first and only premium flagship smartphone. It looks like the company is finally ready with its successor, which will also mark the start of a new series – the Realme GT.

Late last year, it announced that the Realme Race will be one of the first smartphones to be powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset. ‘Race’ was the codename for the upcoming flagship, whose design and specs were officially teased soon after. It now looks like we finally know what the new smartphone will be called — at least in India.

So yes, as I told yesterday, the Realme Race series could very well launch as the Realme GT series. The moniker has been trademarked in India.Feel free to retweet.#Realme #RealmeRace #RealmeGT pic.twitter.com/itPGbpHYBcFebruary 9, 2021

First spotted by Mukul Sharma aka Stufflistings, Realme has been granted a trademark for a device called Realme GT in India. Considering that smartphones usually have internal names that have some relation to their final names, it does seem plausible that Race could, in fact, become GT when it goes on sale. Notably, it has only been trademarked in India, so there is a possibility that it will have a different name in other markets or that it will debut in India first.

Further corroborating the theory, recent images of the Realme Race on TENAA (a Chinese regulatory body) also had “GT” branding on the rear in a familiar font that is unlikely to be a random logo.

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As spotted on TENAA. Notice the “GT” on the bottom right. (Image credit: TENAA)Image 2 of 3

Rrealme Race design teaser (Image credit: Internet)Image 3 of 3

Realme Race specifications (Image credit: Interet)

As for specifications, the Realme GT will be based on the Snapdragon 888, with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage on at least one of the variants. 125W Ultra Dart charging is also expected to finally debut, promising to fully recharge the device in only about 15 minutes. 

There are also rumours of a Realme Race Pro, which will have a larger battery and more capable cameras. It remains to be seen how the two differ, and if both will be available in India.


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