PS5 restock for Thursday: Sony Direct has the console in stock right now


Update: Sony Direct has the latest PS5 restock in the US, however, the estimated wait time is more than an hour and your chances of being able to buy it are supposedly random. You’ll also need a PSN account to buy PS5. Good luck.

There’s another PS5 restock happening right now, with Thursday’s surprise console drop happening at Sony Direct, the official store of the PlayStation manufacturer.

You can find it on sale above, with both the PS5 disc and digital versions up for grabs, although as always you’ll have to wait in a virtual queue to get a chance to purchase it. 

As with yesterday’s PS5 restock, Sony includes three warnings. First, you will need an active PSN account in order to complete the purchase. Second, you will have 10 minutes to buy the PS5. Third, “PS5 Consoles are now available but are not guaranteed even if you are in the queue,” according to Sony.

This is your third chance to buy PS5 this week after yesterday’s PS5 console drop at Sony Direct and the first one in which GameStop quickly sold out of its PlayStation 5 inventory within a few minutes. And those GameStop PS5 resupplies were bundles.

Sony Direct PS5 restocks have been quiet for most of February, but the good news is that the website forms a virtual queue and your order in line is decided randomly.

That means your chance of getting a PS5 isn’t going to be slowed down by page load and your own bandwidth speeds. That’s been a major problem when trying to order a PS5 from stores like Walmart and Best Buy, which consistently crash after a PS5 goes up for order.

After yesterday’s very very close PS5 restock purchase, I’m stuck in the back of the line. However, the virtual queue has formed: 11, 2021


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