PS5 restock for Sunday: our new console stock tracker – when it’ll go on sale


Early Sunday update: PS5 restock on Sunday is what we’re tracking on Twitter right now, though we‘ll be transparent: new stock of the console over the weekend is very rare. Good news, we have a fresh way to track the next PS5 restock in the US on Twitter.

Follow us for alerts on when to buy PS5 next – it has worked for Twitter users. 

PS5 restock sold out at Best Buy. About 35% of my tweet replies are from people who got it! Shocking! 😮Follow & ♻️RT me + @techradar for instant PlayStation 5 tracking alerts 🚨 19, 2021

All weekend, we’re tracking PS5 restock from 12 different major retailers in the US. We may not see new stock until Monday or Tuesday but that’s why you follow us on Twitter. Last week, we saw PS5 drop four times: Amazon on Tuesday, Sony Direct on Wednesday, Antonline and Best Buy both on Friday.

Tip 1: Follow us for our PS5 restock Twitter updates above. You’ll get notifications on where you buy it next. We aim to tweet about new stock the first minute it becomes available to buy. See it really works:

This makes me happy. I’ve been seeing similar replies all night. The rest of you will get that PS5 restock too, and I’ll be happy to have played a small part. ❤️💪🏻 20, 2021

Tip 2: Tell us if you had success via Twitter. This helps people know what works and what doesn’t.

We’re checking for PS5 inventory at every major US retailer, including Sony Direct, GameStop, Walmart, Target and Best Best. There are 12 different stores we’re tracking so you can get the PS5 at its normal MSRP.

GameStop is an important one because it sells PS5 bundles. That remains all those resellers trying to turn a profit have to sell easy-to-buy games at full price. That’s a much harder resell opportunity for them – and a benefit to actual gamers.

Some ground rules for Sony Direct: Remember, whenever the PS5 restock in the US happens, it’ll send you into a virtual queue and it’s choosing people at random to buy the much-sought-after video game console. You’re not guaranteed to get one.

As we always warn, getting into the Sony Direct queue doesn’t mean you’ll find the console in stock. Most people will see “more than an hour wait” from the estimated wait time. That’s what the message reads for us. For others, they’ll see a queue of just a few minutes.

Here are more rules, according to Sony:

First, you will need an active PSN account in order to complete the purchase. Second, you will have 10 minutes to buy the PS5. Third, “PS5 Consoles are now available but are not guaranteed even if you are in the queue,” according to Sony.a

Trust us, it’s serious about buying the PS5 within ten minutes. Make sure you have all of your information ready to go to buy PS5.


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