New Halo Novel “Divine Wind” Announced


The latest Halo novel has been announced, and it comes from a familiar author. The book is called Halo: Divine Wind, and it’s written by Troy Denning.

Denning has written numerous Halo novels, including Shadows of Reach most recently. Denning also wrote numerous Star Wars novels over the years.

The cover for Divine Wind was done by Benjamin Carre, a veteran and prolific artist who has also worked on various Star Wars projects over the years.

Microsoft did not announce a single detail about Divine Wind in its blog post, but the company said fans can expect more details “in the near future.” For now, Microsoft said it expects fans to be able to discover details about Divine Wind on their own.

“Rest assured fans of Troy Denning’s unique Halo work will likely be able to ferret out a few key details about what’s planned for the upcoming adventure,” Microsoft said.

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