Land Rover is coming out with an extended Defender called the 130


Like this, but a foot longer.

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Land Rover has been selling the hell out of its Defender 110 SUV. That makes sense because it looks awesome, is super capable, and has room for five people comfortably. Land Rover wants to make the Defender an appropriate choice for those with even bigger families, though, and as such, it’s planning a new, longer version.

According to a report published Friday by Automotive News Europe, this version will be called the Defender 130 and feature an extra 14 inches of body. This will give it enough room for a usable third row of seats, unlike the optional third row in the 110, which isn’t fit for people with more than about a 25-inch inseam. Land Rover’s CFO Adrian Mardell confirmed this and the fact that it will be targeted at the US, China and the Middle East.

Climb in the driver’s seat

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The Defender 130 will ride on the same chassis with the same wheelbase as the Defender 110 (119 inches, for those of you playing at home) but will have an overall length of 201 inches. That’s really long. For some perspective, it’s worth mentioning the Land Rover Discovery also has three rows of seats, but it’s 6 inches shorter overall.

Sure, the usable third row of seating is cool, but what we’re really excited about is all the totally epic overlanding vehicles that are sure to get built out of the 130 for shows like Overland Expo. The Defender is terrific on its own, but it’s hard to argue that it wouldn’t be significantly cooler with extra room for fridges and stuff.

We reached out to Jaguar Land Rover for more information, but didn’t hear back in time for publication.

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