Mint Mobile’s new Mint Family feature looks to bring more control to account holders


Family plans at Mint Mobile have remained a conspicuously absent feature at the popular prepaid plan carrier, with the service instead focusing on a simple one-size-fits-all pricing structure of multi-month purchases. New recently, however, is a Mint Family feature that looks to switch that up and offer more controls to account holders.

Available to all existing and new Mint Mobile customers, Mint Family is the latest addition to the Mint App that allows an account holder to add up to 4 other lines and manage them accordingly. By linking four accounts under one, you’ll be able to seamlessly monitor data usage, manage bills, and pay for data top-ups all from one central account.

While there’s no set discount for multiple accounts at Mint (yet, anyway), this is a pretty cool new feature that’s completely free to use, and available to all existing users – be those family members or otherwise. It’s also worth noting that all those accounts are technically separate for data sharing purposes too, so there’s no danger someone can use up all the data.

So, if you were thinking about switching up your monthly bills with one of the best prepaid plans, but up until now were cautious because of lack of parental controls and monitoring, then this might just be a good option. 

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