Halo Master Chief Through The Years Video Ends Quite Abruptly


An official video showing off the changing face of Halo’s Master Chief appears to end sooner than intended. That video, titled “Master Chief through the years,” was posted on the official Xbox YouTube channel on April 9, and it prominently features the changes in the iconic hero’s model over the many Halo games he stars in, including the upcoming Halo Infinite.

The video certainly showcases the leaps in technology that the Halo games have taken advantage of over the years, and the difference between Halo 1 and 2 Master Chief models is pretty staggering by itself. That said, the video abruptly ends at the 23-second mark, right around the time that Halo Infinite footage starts to get good. This apparent mistake lead some fans to leave humorous responses to the video. Even so, the video is still up, so it’s unclear if it actually was a mistake.

“‘Did we fix the ending?'” commenter Ben jokes, imagining the conversation between the video editors. “‘I already clicked export.’ ‘Meh, it’s Friday.'” Pvt Donut asks: “Hey Xbox, you posted only 24 seconds, where’s the rest of [the] trailer?”

Halo Infinite is slated to release in Q4 of 2021, following its high-profile delay last year. Recently, Xbox celebrated its acquisition of Bethesda by posting a photo of Master Chief and Doomguy in the style of the cult comedy Step Brothers. The latest batch of Halo Infinite news revealed the game’s new Skewer weapon, as well as revealing some details about the game’s audio production.

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