iPhone 13 launch: every product we expect to see from the Apple event 2021


Since we hadn’t heard about any significant delays to the iPhone 13 launch, we assumed it would come out in September, the usual window for unveiling flagship iPhones. Well, we finally got confirmation that Apple will hold an event on Septmber 14, which we expect to be headlined by Apple’s newest phone – but which products do we expect to see alongside the iPhone 13?

If past years are anything to go by, we’re expecting a full range of iPhones to take the spotlight for Apple’s late-year event, with a few other supplementary products. 

These could be actual devices like Apple Watches or new services – and given the event has been officially named ‘California Streaming,’ we could see more around the company’s content (like Apple TV Plus) rather than devices. On the other hand, the augmented reality (AR) Easter Egg for the event (head to Apple’s event page on mobile and tap the Sept 14 event image) could just be Apple teasing more AR/MR functionality in its next devices.

While we expect everything to be shown off in one event, it’s always possible Apple will split it into two, which happened last year when the iPhone 12 wasn’t introduced during Apple’s September event – instead, we saw the new iPad, the iPad Air 4, the Apple Watch 6 and the Apple Watch SE debut, along with the reveal of the Apple One bundle for Apple subscription services. The iPhone 12 and its siblings were unveiled at Apple’s October event, as well as the Apple HomePod mini for good measure.

While we don’t expect Apple to do the same thing with the iPhone 13, last year’s two events included a big list of gadgets revealed. Here’s every product we expect to see from Apple revealed at the iPhone 13 launch.

(Image credit: Apple)iPhone 13

Okay, this one’s obvious, but it’s worth pointing out that we expect a similar four-phone iPhone 13 lineup as we saw in last year’s iPhone 12 range. That means two lower-end models – the standard iPhone 13 and the smaller iPhone 13 mini – as well as the premium iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. There’s always a possibility that the range follows an iPhone 12S naming convention, but we haven’t heard rumors suggesting so.

We don’t expect the iPhone 13 range to improve much on its predecessors, and will likely be the same size with nearly the same cameras, though we’ve heard rumors that the notch is smaller, the displays might get boosted to 120Hz refresh rates (in all models or perhaps just the pricier Pro phones) and have some form of always-on function, and internal improvements to the battery.

(Image credit: Shutterstock)Apple Watch 7

The Apple Watch 7 is highly rumored to launch alongside the iPhone 13, though there are other rumors suggesting it could get delayed due to production issues. The good news (if you want to call it ‘good’): those delays are due to the difference in design.

Yes, the Apple Watch 7 is rumored to have a different look, which will be the first visual redesign in the wearable line’s history. The next Apple wearable may follow the iPhone 12 in having flat sides and even expanding the sizes to 41mm and 45mm (up from 40mm and 44mm), with a larger 1.9-inch screen. It’s also rumored to get a glucometer to track blood sugar, though others contend that perk won’t come this year.

(Image credit: Future)iPad mini 6

At long last, a new iPad mini is coming: rumors suggest the iPad mini 6 is launching alongside the iPhone 13, succeeding the last iPad mini 5 that came out in 2019. 

Rumors suggest the iPad mini 6 will ditch its home button in favor of a fingerprint sensor built into the lock button (much like the iPad Air before it), get a USB-C port, smart connectors to attach keyboards and other peripherals, and it may or may not go for a mini LED display. But rumors also suggest we might get an iPad mini Pro (or iPad Pro mini, as it may be called) with presumably better specs and 5G network compatibility. 

(Image credit: Future)iPad (2021)

We’re also anticipating a refresh of the entry-level iPad in the iPad (2021), which follows up on the iPad 10.2 (2020) that launched last year. Rumors suggest it won’t change much, aside from a slightly lower pricetag of $299 (around £220 / AU$400). 

We’ve also heard the tablet could get a 10.5-inch display (up from 10.2 inches of its predecessor), an A13 Bionic chipset (which debuted in the iPhone 11), and 4GB of RAM. It could also start at 64GB of storage in its cheapest model, up from 32GB. But the handful of rumors we’ve heard agree that the design won’t change much, aside from getting a bit thinner and lighter. 

(Image credit: Future)Macbook Pro M1X

After seeing the MacBook Pro 13-inch with M1 chipset debut last November, we’ve been waiting for Apple to reveal the next MacBook Pro models, which could be the MacBook Pro 14-inch and/or MacBook Pro 16-inch models – and rumors suggest it will pack an enhanced version of the company’s in-house silicon, called the M1X. The bad news? It might not come alongside the iPhone 13 and launch instead in October or even November.

Still, there’s plenty to anticipate about the MacBook Pro M1X. Just as the 16-inch replaced the 15-inch 2019 model, the MacBook Pro 14-inch could end up replacing last year’s M1 model. Since Apple managed to make the screen larger by reducing the bezels without expanding the chassis in the MBP 16-inch, we expect the same for the 14-inch, which should make case and peripheral owners happy. 

The laptop could also move away from the ‘curvy design’ Apple uses to a more ‘flat-edged’ look much like the iPhone 12 and iPad Pro models. And the jury’s still out on whether the new MBP will have mini LED displays. 

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