Five DIY kits that make excellent holiday gifts



MSRP: $58 | Discount: 44% | Sale price: $33

Circuit Scribe’s conductive ink pen, sweet magnetic modules and plain old printer paper allow kids to merge their creativity with science as they build exciting circuits. By placing paper over the steel sheet included in the kit, your child turns the paper into a base for blinking lights, beeping buzzers and whirling motors. Alongside all of the essential materials, this kit comes with an easy-to-follow instructional manual booklet and workbook to guide your children through the process of learning about circuits and switches.

2. DIY Robotic Art Kit for Ages 6 to 9


MSRP: $69 | Discount: 56% | Sale price: $30

This introductory STEAM learning kit includes all the essentials for children to explore the fundamentals of robotic technologies, science and art in a fun and engaging manner. It comes with a manual that teaches your kids how to build, play and code with the Robotic Art Kit as fast as possible and includes sample projects that will encourage children to develop and design.  This kit, coolest of all, is even LEGO-compatible. That makes it easy to get more value from any LEGO kits your kids already own.

3. Nibble: Educational DIY Game Console for Ages 9+


MSRP: $80

Nibble is an education tool disguised in the shape of a retro game console. It features a new and improved version of MAKERbuino that makes learning about electronics and programming fun for beginners. This educational tool is a breeze to assemble, thanks to the included build guide, and it comes preloaded with four retro games (Bonk, Invaderz, Snake and SpaceRocks). The device extends the fun by allowing you to program your own games since its software is fully open-source and easily downloadable. In other words, it makes a great DIY gift for anyone who might want to become a video game developer. 

4. Robosen T9 Programmable Robot


MSRP: $499 | Discount: 19% | Sale price: $400

The T9 Programmable Robot is an introduction to a technological future within our reach. T9 is both a vehicle and a robot, transmuting instantly between the two through voice or app control. All you need to do is program and code T9, which is a blast from start to finish, and then sit back as you watch its more than 3,000 state-of-the-art components and 22 proprietary servo motors in action.

5. ODYSSEY Expandable X86 Mini Computer


MSRP: $218 | Discount: 3% | Sale price: $210

Get all the features of a normal PC in this mini-unit that’s easy to construct. It comes with 8GB LPDDR4 RAM, 64GB eMMC Storage, onboard Wi-Fi/BLE, dual gigabit Ethernet ports, audio input and output, USB ports, HDMI, SATA connectors and PCIe. ODYSSEY has simple connections for your mouse, keyboard and monitor as well, so it’s quick to set up this mini desktop right away.

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